Credit on Urban and the Shed Crew & Limited Edition Poster


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We need your help to release Urban and the Shed Crew. In order to finalise the film we are selling a limited amount of ‘With Thanks To’ credits at the end of the film. Along with your credit you will also receive a limited edition Urban and the Shed Crew poster by the renowned poster designer and artist Graham Humphreys.

  • We still need to get the film insured, certified and cleared.
  • Create closed captions and subtitles.
  • Create and deliver prints and/or digital assets.

 You’ll be helping to release what has been described as a “striking and important picture” to the world…so, thank you.

Posters Will be shipped as soon as the film is finalised.

Please keep and eye on your email, we will be using the email linked to your paypal account to get in touch with you about your Credit and poster.


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